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girls night out

October 20, 2008

Remember when you decided that you were going out on the weekends with your friends? You’d talk about what you’re going to wear and where you were going. You’d get to your friends house and be real loud and drink whatever mixture of alcohol and fruit juice you had in the house so by the time you got to the bar you were already good and liquored up and you’d only have to buy one drink. Unless you found some guy that really thought he was getting some.
I don’t want to go to a bar with my 30+ year old friends and drink. I get a headache and i’d rather just lay in my bed and watch tv. Remember when being 19 and seeing those ladies at the bar with their high jeans and handbags? You laughed at them and wondered why the hell they were even there.
The thought of putting on some fancy pants and sitting with a 12 dollar martini and watching 19 year old girls bounce around makes me want to burn out my eyes. I don’t want to smell the colognes of 150 dudes who whisk past me to get a better view of the 19 year old bouncy girls. I don’t want to be some guys dare. Dude, if you go talk to that old lady and try to get her to show her boobs i’ll buy your drinks all night. Come on, it’d be hilarious.
The bar is so loud and I don’t know any of the music. I don’t have any dance moves. And on the off chance I do get accidentally drunk no one wants to see me wrapping my muffin top around whatever pole or dude i can find. I have no rhythm, do you really think that gets better the more drinks you have?

I guess we could always go to those hometown type bars with the game machines, some old man and white russians.
It reminds me of being in high school.

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