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Search This: GIRL POOP

December 11, 2008

Whilst browsing my analytics to see how people are people are finding my little site here I discovered that it shows the terms people put into google and then stumble upon me.
Here are some of them (and these are all 100% real searches):

1. mickey mouse boob shirt
2. mickey mouse t shirt boobs hole
3. girls accidentally pooping
4. girl poops her pants
5. “knocked her shoe”
6. “poop * down her leg
7. “normal girl” do for money
8. “who’s the boss spin off” “models”
9. accidentally poop
10. accidentally poop pants
11. accidentally pooped my panties
12. accidentally pooped pants
13. accidently pooped her pants
14. completely shaved boy body -she -her -girls –female
15. facts on normal girls poop
16. girls accidentally pooping in their underwear
17. how to style an outfit around a mickey mouse tee shirt
18. women giggle at penises
19. pee “ran down her leg”
20. girl poop sink
21. girl fucking a slug

How proud am I that when someone searches “girl fucking a slug” a picture of me comes up like HHHHHEEEEEYYYY!

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