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December 17, 2008

Bill is on the road so I was in my room last night doing what girls do when they’re alone.
You know, going through my junk drawers. I was looking at these little bits, little relics of my past that i’ve somehow managed to keep through my many moves. Do you ever look at your shit and wonder how it’s managed to survive? I have a spoon ring that was my great aunts and I have no idea why I have it. I have my great grandmas wedding band. Now there are many of her kids still living not to mention grandkids and great grandkids. I don’t have one memory of her so why should I have ended up with such personal property? I have two of my kids hospital ankle id’s from when they were born and in the hospital and some jewelry my aunt bought from a lady selling it in a nightclub bathroom in Houston.
Do you ever think about all the things you used to have that somehow managed to slip through your fingers like they were never there at all? Maybe it was lost in moves or thrown away. Maybe your brothers stole all the good shit while you went away and risked your life in the army.
All I know is that I want my god damn snoopy sno cone maker back.

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