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a letter from a nine year old

December 18, 2008

My nine year old.

It reads:

To Mommy:
Read it. I know I might be annoying but I don’t care.

Inside it says:

Mommy please calm down. I know I am like that too but I get that from gramma (my bat shit crazy mother she is talking about here) Mommy I love you. Lifes like this. Me you bill fallyn and j have to deal with each other. My life is not perfect. I know we are loud and bad, i try to be good. Mommy I trust you, do you trust me? Also I get my lying from gramma. (same crazy as mentioned before.)

Write Back and slide it under my door.

Now in my defense I have PMS real bad and they were being assholes last night and bill has been on the road for 2 weeks and I’ve had to do everything alone and that sucks. Something good came out of me yelling at them though, I realized Skylar is a natural writer like me. Not naturally good I guess but natural in the way that we have a major dysfunction and cannot talk about our feelings outloud.
Anyway she wanted to write her own blog and she started it today. She was very excited to pick the background because the child loves David Bowie. Go figure.

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  1. jAMiE permalink
    December 23, 2008 6:48 am

    Oh…i think that is so cute…that she wants you to slide it under her door.

    Will check out her blog.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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