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Oh wow it’s a new year

January 2, 2009

I wonder what this year will bring? Happiness, peace on earth maybe just peace in my house, will my wildest dreams come true, will my kids get lice, maybe i’ll lose weight but more likely i’ll gain, will i get a wrinkle, maybe i’ll get into nursing school or maybe just leave school, will i get the dyson animal?

Well I have to say this new year started off way better than last years did. Last year I had an ulcer that I didn’t really know about, drank 3 mojitos and got so drunk that when everyone was counting down the new year and screaming I was outside puking in some dudes yard. I spent the next two weeks in bed with zantac.
This year I worked at the old man bar and toasted the new year with 4 strangers. I will tell you what, they have to take Dick Clark off the air. Everytime they would show him I would start to cry. That’s just too damn sad for me man.

Hey Dudes, here’s a little tip- Please stop saying to women “why don’t you smile once in a while”. Give me a damn break. I hate when people to tell me to smile. It’s not like Im sitting around crying, im just minding my own business hanging out and you want to tell me I need to smile? hey dude why don’t you take your lonely sad ass home and tell your dog to smile.

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