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Heaping Pile of Shit Movies

January 4, 2009

For the love of god there are a lot of shitty ass movies. It’s no wonder why when a good movie comes out people flip their wigs and go see it 3 times and everyone writes about it and it gets a million award noms. We are currently without cable and I have also been without a husband this weekend so I went to the antiquated video store and rented a shit ton movies. I went out on a limb and get things that I hadn’t seen and some I hadn’t even heard of. Well apparently there is a reason you never heard of these shit bag movies. There are no gems, if you never heard of it the reason is clear.
Apartment 12, look i knew it would be some cheesy little thing but Mark Ruffalo is good so I rented it. Im a sucker for a romantic comedy. This is neither of those things but it is a big pile of horseshit.
The Great New Wonderful, it has a bunch of good people in it but when you add them all up its turns out to be a big pile of horsehit.
The Women, yes yes I know. But the trailer made it look like a funny women bonding movie. It was about 4 hours long and was a big pile of horesehit.
We Own the Night, I couldn’t get past the first half hour. We get it already. Horseshit.

So I have been checking my keywords again and they aren’t getting any better, so now Im going to make up some fake searches here now and we will see if anyone comes to find my site by searching these things. I will keep you updated and hey if you want to add any search terms to my list feel free.
Hairy Man Feet
Big 80’s Bush
Tiny Penis / could be a clitoris
What is a vagina supposed to smell like
Other words to use in place of Vagina
why does my dog poop on the sidewalk
David Hasselhoff naked

Just to be clear I have not searched all of these things.

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