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emotionally scarred

January 5, 2009

It’s funny when you think back at what emotionally scarred you for life. Maybe abuse in the home, maybe you were bullied, or someone said you were fat. Not for me friends what sticks out in my mind goes all the way back to either 1st or 2nd grade. I had just gotten these crazy ass silver boot like shoes that laced up and had heels. I thought they were amazing and apparently I also thought they gave me a wonderous new musical talent. I was sitting in music class that was being held in the gym for some reason and all the kids were sitting in a circle of little chairs surrounding the piano. Mrs. Bixler was the music teacher and until this day I thought she was awesome because she had the sweetest shoes. Everytime I saw her she had on another amazing pair of pumps. She had suede in brillant colors, satiny with crazy patterns, every type of leather you can imagine. She was like music teacher barbie minus being young and pretty. Anyway we were practicing for the big music recital and my class was singing songs from the wizard of oz so I was pretty happy about that. While we were singing lollipop kids song and for some reason I lost my mind and started tapping my shoes like I was wearing a leotard and some crazy headband with bee antenna on them. Im pretty sure I had my eyes closed and was singing my ass off thinking at any moment she was going to stop the class and decide that my musical stylings were so great that she was going to give me a little solo when she stopped playing and the kids stopped singing and she yelled at me to stop with the tapping already. I wanted to die and stab her with my pointy boot toe. From that day on I stopped singing in front of people. Later on in middle school we were forced to sing one by one for the teacher so she could see if she wanted us in the choir or not. I chose no way in hell but that same day she pulled me out of whatever class I was in and asked me to join the choir. I told her nope. No way No how. Then I found out they were singing songs from the Little Mermaid and I was real pissed. So thanks Mrs. Bixler for making me miss out on the Little Mermaid songs and for ruining me for American Idol. If it wasn’t for that old bitch Im sure I’d be shaving my head somewhere out in LA right now.

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