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waiting to wait

January 29, 2009

Why do we have a love hate relationship with waiting? I don’t know if this is a universal issue or strictly american but we hate to wait but we love waiting to wait. When we are outside our gate at the airport we get very anxious about boarding. Every 5 seconds someone walks up to the window to check and see if the plane is out there. When boarding does start and we wait for our “zone” to be called we anxiously look around secretly hating every single asshole that goes down that hallway before we do. When we finally get the magical call we give our tickets and start our descent to the plane and realize that the portable hallway job (can’t remember the name) is all backed up because people have to bring the biggest freakin bags they can and try to stuff them in the overheads. Why can’t they just sit their asses down? This is what you say to whoever you are with. GOD WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST SIT DOWN? So we get mad we have to wait in the hallway till we can find our seats. Finally you arrive to your seat and sit down in a timely manner and the complaints about when is the flight going to go start. Why does boarding take so long? Why are these assholes late? When is the pilot going to move this damn thing? We just shoved, pushed, and plotted the demise of everyone who boarded before us so we could sit here in our seats and wait for the plane to move.
Yesterday I was sitting outside my micro class and there were people in there finishing their class. Everyone emptied out except 4 people who were just lingering. As they were doing nothing in there and meanwhile there is a crowd growing outside and we’re getting angry. GET OUT, WE NEED TO SIT IN OUR SEATS AND WWWWWAAAAIIIIIITTTTTT. Finally we said forget it, we just don’t give a shit and we’re going in to start this thing.
Have you ever waited to get on the subway and seen the people who walk all the way to the edge, look down the track for the train, get disgusted and walk away? Wouldn’t they just hear it barreling down the track?
I hate waiting but you can be damn sure if you board before I do, Im judging you harshly.

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