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Time Measured in Sponge Bob Episodes

February 3, 2009

As I am getting ready for my trip to the great city of Las Vegas I have been under pressure to find a new suitcase. Can someone please tell me why a “cheap” suitcase is $130 clams? There is nothing to it, it’s an empty box with two freakin wheels! My current suitcase is just a size too small for a 10 day trip. I hate being at a hotel and I can’t just wash my clothes and wear them again, you have to bring a million clothes. I am a thirty year old lady and I dress like Juno normally so when I go to work in Vegas I have to put on real damn pants and shoes. I hate that bullshit. Why can’t I just wear a t shirt and jeans? Why does the public want to see my fat ass squeezed into black dress pants and uncomfortable shoes? Hey everyone this waistband is digging into my soul, do you want to buy a chair?
The other day J wanted to know when she was going swimming and I told her in one hour. She said, is that like one sponge bob? I said no it’s two.
She smiled and said, “that’s easy”

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