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A Magical Adventure to the Pacific Northwest

January 23, 2012

Our trip to Seattle and Portland started last Saturday in Seattle. Melissa, Barbara, and I arrived in the early afternoon and started at the Seattle Gift Show as work recon for Salty. After that we headed straight to Pike Place Market for food. After wandering the streets we ended up at a place called the Pink Door which was in an alley somewhere with a secret unmarked door. If you ever go, get the god damn lasagna because it will knock your socks right off. We continued down the alley and found another little bar where we probably ended up doing some jaeger shots. From there we headed to some place inside Pike Place with kick ass pizza and a dance party downstairs. Here are some fuzzy in my mind images from that night.

The next day we tried to drive to the Oregon coast from Seattle but the roads got really shitty so we turned back and headed to Portland to see my dear friend Josh. We got there and went straight to dinner at one of my favorite places. Edgefield in Troutdale is awesome. I recommend you go there now. Josh’s girlfriend katie met us there and we had tasty beer then headed to the winery where Josh and I tried about 76 different wines. After being fully wined up we headed for Josh’s house to unpack, unwind, and make friends with the hammock we would soon be sleeping in. Before that, there were times had. Here are some (possibly incriminating) photos.

Things for the next 3 days went the same, shopping, walking, eating, drinking, and laughing.

The following sequence of photos shows a train ride in which we were asked if we were commies because of the star on Melissas beer box.

And now for some random shots of the 5 of us in or amongst Portland…

Early Thursday morning we said good bye to Josh and Katie and headed for Seattle. We had flights to catch home. We drove through a big ass freak ice storm but made it to the airport on time. We left Barbara at the airport and headed into the city since our flight was 12 hours later than hers. We ended up in Pioneer Square in a little bar called Merchant Cafe. It was great and the bartender was awesome. Melissa enjoyed some IPAs and got slightly hammered and the man running the music was very thrown off when she screamed DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A GANGSTER. Here is her having an awesome time…

While we were here Barbara called to say all flights were cancelled and we were going to be stuck in Seattle for 2 more days. We were not crushed at this news. We gave Barbara some directions and pointed her toward the train so she could meet us. After getting all our flights figured we headed to a hotel to hole up for the next couple days. That night we were so tired we just stayed in ate pizza and passed out. The next day we went exploring to find handmade shops. We also found a really cute shop cat.

Our last night in Seattle we went out with a pretty large bang. We started off in the super hidden super tiny Bathtub Gin & Co. They had excellent cocktails and quite tasty absinthe. Barbara decided she wanted to go dance somewhere and yelled to Melissa what may be my favorite quote of the trip “girl do you want to cut a rub or do you not want to cut a fucking rug? Cause I wanna cut a damn rug!” We went to a arcade bar next where we played Radiohead and Sublime and sang loudly until the glares let us know it was time to get out. We found some kind of techno crazy ass club and begged the DJ (lovingly renamed Shaquille O’DJ by me) to play Hypnotize by Biggie. He did not. The ending was rough my friends. As seen in the photos below. ROUGH.

And now I gift you with this dance from Josh to all of you.

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