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Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

We all know that Valentine’s Day is a bunch of horseshit. Tacky decorations are everywhere, wal mart is over run with white teddy bears holding red velvet hearts that say I love you, and gas stations everywhere have a box of reese hearts by the register. None of these things makes me want to celebrate love.

Don’t buy the person you love any of these things. Well except the reese hearts because fuck the shape, those bitches are always good. I think the very best thing a man can do for a woman on Valentine’s Day is make her a playlist and slip it on to her ipod. When women hear songs they put themselves into the lyrics and give it meaning. Men don’t do this, I don’t even think men understand this phenomenon. Men ALL you have to do to go through your itunes library and just pick songs out by title, you don’t even have to actually know the song and your girl will swoon.

You may thank me after you’re gently laid tonight. (To your playlist of course.)

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