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God Damn Chimps

February 18, 2012

The older I get the more I realize that all men really are, are fucking chimps running around jacking off and shoving celery stalks up their own asses. I’m so tired of hearing about how horny they are and how they’re helpless against the urge to fuck every single woman. Is this seriously all there is? It’s so boring. We get it EVERY MAGAZINE, EVERY COMMERCIAL, EVERY PORN WEBSITE. We fucking get it. If the only thing a woman is good for is sex than why are men bothering to get into relationships? I don’t want to hear how it’s just SO HARD to be with one girl anymore. This is not the goddamn 50’s. Guess what dudes, you don’t need to get married and have babies. You’re perfectly welcome to just keep swinging your dicks around to see what bites.

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