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Of longing

March 6, 2015

We are all longing for something. We long for things we want, for what we have lost, and for time. My god do we long for time. It’s as if time and happiness are old foes in a never ending duel. We yearn for our childhoods. We wish for the time when our parents were still young and we thought they were infinite. We hold on to loves burned out too quickly. As our children grow we beg for the time back when they were little. Mostly, I think so we could be better. So we could remember that time that was so precious and so we could appreciate it in the moment because when we were actually IN those moments we were just trying to get through the day. 

We have to stop just trying to get through the days and stop trying to get to whatever we think the next level is that we have to complete. If we can’t stop and look and really SEE each moment for the gift that it is we are doomed to a lifetime of longing. 

Free yourself by loving your people, snuggling your animals (even when they are really itchy and annoying), remembering to appreciate the moment you are in and by forgiving others but especially yourself for the past. 

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