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In the Inbetween

April 2, 2015

I find myself currently in one of life’s inbetweens. One major chapter is closing with the next still unseen. It’s one of the greatest sources of stress for humans. A great unsettling. 

We fear what we cannot see. We cling to whatever we can from the past in hopes it will be a life preserver as we feel lost at sea. We try to fight the enevitable current that is change and just like fighting a current, resisting change leaves us exhausted and in the end takes us wherever it wants to anyway. 

Pretend you’re reading a crazy ass book and you just finished a WHAT THE SHITTING FUCK JUST HAPPENEND chapter. Before you even begin to think about starting the next chapter you close the book, close your eyes, and review what you just read. Next you reflect on how you feel about what you just read. Then you get your shit together, take a deep breath and say to yourself alright let’s do this and you open that bitch back up. Next chapter please!

I have no idea what’s up next for me and that’s ok. I need a break. Remember how at the end of every episode of Breaking Bad you’d be standing up on your couch, hands ripping at your hair just yelling WHAT THE FUCK to the television? That’s how this last chapter has been for me. 

So, now I review and reflect. Hand over my heart breathing, seeing what feels true and surrendering to the great unsettling. 

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