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happy nights to happy days

April 20, 2015

Saturday was the new moon and those are always chances to start fresh. I lit what may just be my last fire in my current house before I move to my new place and thought about the changes occurring now and I set my intentions. The moon is in Aries which is always a time to DO. 

Things happened last week that at the time were hurtful and upsetting but I realized today that it was actually a gift. It helped me cut a thread that was pulling me and pushed me forward. Sometimes when you feel like everything is going wrong it’s really easy to get stuck in a victim mentality and just keep on crying poor me stories. I think if you look closer at the events there are always lessons and reasons. Everything you actually want is in your reach. You have to stop reacting and sit in the quiet of your mind and be very honest with yourself about what you actually feel and want and then take the action or sometimes the shoves the universe gives. If it still seems out of reach get the damn step stool for god sake and grab it because it’s all right there. 

Happiness is a choice. You can either choose to be a suffering victim or in the words of Billy Madison you get your ass out there and you find that fucking dog! (The dog being happiness in this brilliant analogy)

“Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days”


Romeo & Juliet

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