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April 28, 2015

Aka Gus Gus, Aka Gustuvas John, and most affectionately Aka Goose.

goose table

We lost our big, black man dog on April 25th, suddenly and unexpectedly to an aggressive and sneaky, shitty cancer. Sometimes we have pets that come into our lives and of course we love them but other times, if you’re really lucky, an animal will come to you and creep their way into your very core showing you the kind of love you didn’t know existed and teaching you how to love a little more like they do, without bounds.

Goose came to us in 2008.

goose baby


Strauss and I wanted a shop dog. Ok, ok, I wanted a shop dog. Weirdos tended to wander into the shop and when I was alone I thought I’d surely be murdered or at least talked to death by the guy who always wore tiny shorts and wanted to talk about Jesus. I hoped a dog might scare some of those weirdos away. Boy did we pick the wrong damm dog. Gus loved every living thing on this earth. He brought joy to every human and made buddies with every animal he encountered. He was gigantic and made of Kevlar but thought he surely belonged ON your body and he was always gentle with animals smaller than him.

goose brothers

goose chuck goose jim

He was always joyful, even when he went missing and got hit by a car. When he saw me he wagged his tail and tried to get up to get to me. I’m not sure how it’s possible but he was absolutely the most selfless being I’ve ever gotten to walk with on this planet. He always had a slobbery kiss for you, he loved to lean his big hairy body on yours any time he could, and loved to lay on his back with his legs going every which way. He belonged to the world.

goose lean goose safety goose back

There is no doubt, however, that he had a favorite human. John Strauss was his best buddy in the world. I’m almost certain they could speak telepathically. Strauss loves nothing more than being admired and Gus was his biggest fan. I’ve said many times that if Gus could have crawled inside Strauss’ skin and worn him like a man suit he would have reached maximum capacity of happiness.

goose strauss


Our days are a little dimmer now because he was so damn bright. He was loved.

Love is free of judgements and conditions, Gus knew that & I will strive to be more like that beautiful beast every day.

Thank you Goose.

Happy Trails.

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  1. April 28, 2015 9:17 pm

    I am sorry lady. ❤ you.

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