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The Time Man

February 8, 2016

You can listen HERE.

Doesn’t it always seem like there is never enough time?

I’ve felt rushed since I was a kid I think. I remember hating Sundays even when they’d just started because I had that feeling of dread knowing I had to get up and do something I didn’t want to the next day. I’ve never lived a life that I can remember that was just free. Maybe no one does.

When the kids were little I was living for those nap times so I could do anything that was just mine, most of the time it was just a shower, but hey- it was my time. When I was married to Bill I was always waiting for a show to be over so we could just hang & be together. Now by the time I come home from work, make dinner and do anything that needs to be done it’s 9 and I think, well there’s the whole night, I have no time. Lately I’ve been thinking TIME TO WHAT?

The things we want to do we make time for, the people we want to see we make time for and the rest might just be an excuse. Maybe if we thought less of our lack of time and instead remembered to be grateful for the time we do have it would seem like the time is a gift. Like oh my god! It’s only 9 and I can hang out in my bed for 2 whole hours before I fall asleep! What will I do? Read some books? Watch some Better Call Saul? Have some nice sex? THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS NOW! If we look at it this way it might just feel like we’re getting one over on the time man and I think we can all agree that getting anything over on the man just tastes sweeter.

In the words of the great Bill Watterson “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

enough time

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