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Color of Uncertainty

March 9, 2016

The lake is the color of uncertainty today and that is a color I understand. Uncertainty is just fear disguising itself to make you feel like you don’t know the answers. The truths we seek we already have if we can be brave enough to know them. 

I’ve known for years that there was a book inside me to be written. I never knew when or how but I did feel as though I wasn’t done living the period to be written about just yet. I’ve learned to trust my instincts. I’ve noticed that when something isn’t right the universe will send roadblocks and that when it is everything seemingly opens up. 

My path has now cleared and I’ve given myself permission to just write. I understand that it’s not set in stone and will change and evolve. When I’ve been doubtful and hard on myself I try to bring the focus back to what I need to do. 

I realize now that the living that needed to be done to then be written about was just the first part of this thing. Now I have to travel through my past so I can arrive at my conclusion. I know that in doing this I will be changed. I will have to be open to my perceptions and beliefs changing and new realizations and insights coming into view. In doing this I am letting the past be freed and myself be healed. Absolutely everything is a process. 

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