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February 23, 2017



This was kind of hard. I want to go everywhereish but it said where do you PLAN on going so I made a someday list. Also this map is terrible. Also as I proof read this I realized it said TEN places but the way I’d already written this is came out to a list of 10. I am amazing.

I want to go to Montana, Wyoming, Utah & Alaska because duh. Mountains, space, and more wild than humans.

Iceland for those milky blue waters.

The Scandinavian countries because I recently discovered that is where most of my DNA leads. I’M A VIKING MOTHER FUCKER.

Spain mainly because of the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. The light in that movie was so warm and golden it made me think “yeah I’d look good in that light”, and so now I must go. NEW PROFILE PIC!

Italy because food.

Greece because mythology, ancient places, and those little blue and white houses in Santorini.

Israel (colored yellow where I thought it might be on this crazy ass map) because my favorite picture of my grandma is of her in Israel with a beautiful city below her. And cause I want to hit up the dead sea and see what it knows.

Japan. You’ll notice that I have only outlined it in blue. This is to indicate my only real interest in Japan is that fine ass sea glass they have over there. Little blue jelly beans of heaven.

Australia because the accents are good and I like the kangaroos. But this just reminded me of the other animals like man eating spiders and sneaky snakes that are actually looking for trouble. So I’ll keep this shit in the MAYBE column.

New Zealand because the movie Without a Paddle was filmed there (though they pretended they were in Oregon) and the nature looks top shelf. I’d like to get myself into that nature. All the nature I can handle.

I got a passport 4 years ago and they only place I’ve taken it to was a day trip to Niagara Falls. That’s sad. Here’s the thing, international plane tickets are $$$ and mama ain’t rollin in that kind of dough AND I don’t know what I’d eat in most places. I’d be like Karl Pilkington in An Idiot Abroad and have to pack granola bars. These are excuses but if I had some money and some time I’d be jamming around the globe with a journal, 5k colored pens, & bag full of american snacks.


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