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A Kind Kick in the Ass

February 24, 2017


Write down one kind thing you did for someone in the past 24 hours. #startwhereyouare

Today I was really busy in the shop trying to rip everything apart and start over, on a friday, a 70 degree Friday in February. Every god damn salesman and his cousin were stopping in to bother me. I find this supremely annoying. I don’t like chit chat and I can spot your bullshit and your clipboard 1000 miles away so I HATE when they try to bait me in with chit chat before getting to the point. JUST GET TO THE FUCKING POINT SO I CAN TELL YOU TO HIT THE BRICKS.

So then this doofy sweet looking young guy comes in and I can tell he’s nervous so I let him talk while I am doing other things. He’s with T-Mobile blah blah blah. I told him I don’t have anything to do with the phone bill so I don’t even know what he’s talking about but I felt the need to be kind to him so I let him give me a quote. Even though my current phone plan with with Bill and our kids and it’s in his name. I said this isn’t going to do a hard inquiry on my credit is it? And as I’ve been digging and trying to understand exactly WTF goes into a credit score I know that every hard inquiry is negative AND stays on your report for 2 YEARS. TWO YEARS. He says no, it doesn’t do a hard inquiry. So I said ok, he gives me the quote, again I tell him I’ll pass the info along and he finally leaves so I can continue ripping my store apart.

A few mins later I get an email “theres NEW activity on your credit report”


You son of a bitch.  I hope it snows, rains and ices tomorrow while you’re trying to move in to your new apartment.

Being kind doesn’t always make you feel good kids.

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